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Product Description

BRIDGEWATER CANDLE COMPANY SWEET GRACE SCENTED SACHET. Made in the U.S.A., Bridgewater Sweet Grace scented sachets are made of a nontoxic blend of naturally occurring materials and our bestselling fragrance. The natural material used is extracted from the soil and is very porous to allow for maximum fragrance absorption. This allows our sachets to diffuse fragrance for up to 4 months. Though our fragrance formulation is proprietary, we adhere to strict safety standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), so you can be assured that our products are safe. HOW TO USE A SACHET. A Sweet Grace scented sachet can be used as the perfect addition to any gift. You can also store your sachet in a drawer with linens, in exercise bags, closets, vehicles, and many other places to enjoy its heavenly fragrance. Do not open the sachet envelope. You should avoid contact of package and contents with furniture, fabrics, carpets, finished surfaces, plastics, acrylics, and painted items as this may cause damage and/or discoloration. FRAGRANCE FOR EVERY DAY. The Sweet Grace fragrance is classified as oriental and spice. With notes of sparkling tea and patchouli, it's the perfect fragrance to enjoy every day, wherever the road takes you. FRAGRANCE NAME: Sweet Grace FRAGRANCE CATEGORY: Oriental & Spice